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Disney factory
Disney, the Walt Disney Company, is a large multinational company headquartered in Burbank, USA. its main business includes entertainment production, theme parks, toys, books, video games and media networks. But today's Disney is far more than the game industry. There are many industries such as Disney watch, Disney accessories, Disney girls' wear, Disney luggage, Disney furniture supplies, Disney plush toys, Disney electronic products, etc.
All products sold in Disney products must pass Disney factory inspection standards established by Disney itself, which is the origin of Disney factory inspection.
Disney mainly has human rights and anti-terrorism. Disney needs to apply for factory inspection by itself, mainly audited by its, BV, SGS and other institutions.
Background and role of Disney Fama
Full name of Disney Fama - facility and merchandise authorization, Chinese name - equipment and operation certification.
For the consideration of global anti-terrorism, the United States does not allow any countries and regions suspected of terrorism to export products into the United States. Disney's headquarters is located in the United States. Naturally, according to this standard, for the products they export to all parts of the world, in general, after the factory fills in the Fama form, it means that the factory complies with the relevant laws and regulations and needs of anti-terrorism. Disney will then conduct Disney factory inspection after placing an order.
Disney Fama not only needs to submit to the Chinese customs when exporting to prove all aspects of safety, but also ensure that your products come in the legal way, rather than imitating Disney's brand.
Without Disney's express written consent, the manufacturer shall not employ subcontractors to manufacture Disney products or their spare parts, and may only employ subcontractors after the subcontractor and Disney have signed a written commitment to comply with this code of conduct.
It is worth noting that passing Disney factory inspection is not the same as Fama. After obtaining Disney factory inspection qualification report, its authorizer shall submit factory Fama application form and qualified factory inspection report to Disney for review, and issue Fama to the factory after passing. (Note: the authorizer and factory Fama are one-to-one correspondence, and Fama validity period is generally one year.)
Disney requires licensors and suppliers to submit a Disney Fama application for each factory that must be declared, indicating the name and location of the factory to be used to produce Disney brand products, and must submit a Disney Fama application to Disney for each factory to be used to produce Disney brand products.
Before receiving Fama issued by Disney, please do not start to produce any Disney brand products. Fama issued by Disney is also used as customs release document. Therefore, in the process of Disney factory inspection, every step is very important, and every form should be filled in carefully.